First-day-of-school bento: homemade banana muffin, strawberries, crispy snap peas, banana chips, wheat thins, pita crisps and cheddar cheese.

bento lunch

The past few days have been busy! Over the weekend we tried to squeeze in as much summertime fun as possible. Then, on Monday we got organized for my daughter’s first day of school.

Laundry that was ignored over the weekend had to be done so she could wear her ladybug dress. Lists of favorite lunch foods were made and taken to Trader Joe’s for a special shopping spree. And she practiced, practiced, practiced reassembling her lunch bento box. (We cheated and labeled the pieces with a sharpie: B lid goes on B tray, which goes on the Bottom.)

I was really worried about lunchtime. About half of her class buys lunch, but she just doesn’t eat the things on the menu. Today went fine, though. She ate everything, told me it was awesome and she wants to take lunch every day. Phew!

Do you pack a lunch for yourself or your kids? What are your favorite foods?

I promise you her lunch was much more colorful in real life. The washed-out, artistic photo is courtesy of Instagram. If you have the app, connect with me! I’m jkundhi, of course.

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3 Responses to bento lunch

  1. Julie Stewart says:

    You’re a good Mama, Julie. Wish you could make the lunch a double and send me one! Sounds delish! Glad she’s doing well. :)

  2. amy in ne says:

    Looks delicious! Happy new school year! (Those cool bento boxes make me wish I was a kid again :) )

  3. Lisa Hatch says:

    I pack lunch every single day! I am horrified to see what passes for nutrition on the school menu, and I am often horrified to see what other children are eating when I have lunch with them. You are smart for not introducing Bella to the school menu. If she’s like Wyatt and Grace, she’ll beg you to try school food once, then tell you she never wants it again!