my creative space

I’m not sure how our Summer got so busy. Kindergarten starts soon and I should be soaking up these last few weeks of kid activities. But I have to admit, I’m ready for some alone time.

my creative space

The only creativity I’ve been able to fit into our schedule is behind the lens. Last week I managed to sneak away for a walk in the Sheldon Sculpture Garden while my daughter was at camp. I took lots of sculpture photos, but I’m really loving my nature shots.

my creative space

I’ll be back to sewing, knitting, thrifting and crocheting soon enough. (It’s too hot for wool yarn anyway!) In the meantime, if you see a crazy lady with a camera kneeling in a bed of roses, stop and say hello!

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2 Responses to my creative space

  1. kelly o! says:

    Gorgeous pictures Julie!


  2. Anna says:

    Your pictures are great!