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Every July, car enthusiasts migrate to Kearney, NE for Cruise Night. It’s actually an entire weekend of events. We just go for Saturday afternoon and evening, leaving right before the actual “cruising” begins.

The highlight of the afternoon is the car show. It’s hot. Steel, pavement, brick and asphalt radiate an overwhelming amount of heat. That doesn’t seem to keep anyone away. In fact, if people aren’t talking about cars, they are usually comparing heat indexes.

“This is better than last year.”
“No way! Last year was much hotter.”
“Remember that first year we came? It was miserable!”

We are crazy like that.

This year I came prepared to beat the heat with neck coolers. These things were so easy to make and they ROCK! They are supposed to work best in low humidity, but stick them in an ice cooler for a few minutes and they feel heavenly!

Since it was a car event, I used checkered flag fabric for the guys. My daughter picked out lady bugs for herself and (thankfully!) wore it all day long. If you are spending any amount of time outside this summer, I highly recommend them.

pattern: I used Skip to My Lou’s tutorial exactly for the adults. For the kids, I decreased the length to 26 inches and sewed on some velcro to keep them in place. I found cracked ice crystals at Michael’s in the floral section.

How do you keep cool outside during the summer months?

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4 Responses to neck coolers to the rescue

  1. Kelly says:

    Good to know they really work! How long did they stay cool? I like the ladybug fabric she picked out!


  2. Mercedes says:

    Que idea tan fresquita, es genial tanto para niños como para adultos, me gusta¡
    Mimarte complementos

  3. barb in tennessee says:

    When our son was in Iraq,these neck coolers were very appreciated.
    I purchased dark colored camo-looking fabric. And found a place online where the crystals could be purchased in a large quantity.
    Then it was ready…set…sew!!
    Each Marine received 2 neck coolers.They wore one in their helmet, the other one was kept soaking in water ready to be worn.
    So if you know any troops that are being deployed to Iraq,think about making these neck coolers. The troops really appreciated them.They helped make the hot temperatures a little easier to bear.

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