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Remember the millet muffins? I made so many recipes from the library’s copy of Super Natural Every Day that I decided to buy my own.

I really love it. But I have a confession: I have been hesitant to try a few recipes because the fat/calorie numbers are a little high.

It is hard shaking the marketing tactics of the processed food industry. I know that lite, fat-free and all natural doesn’t mean good for you. I notice when they add extra servings to reduce the per-serving calorie count.

I know better, yet I still feel a little brainwashed. Does that even make sense?

I need snacks for when my family is on the go. Real food. Things that won’t make them hungry again in an hour. Snacks that are portable for road trips, the park and before karate class. Snacks that taste good so my family will want to eat them.

Swanson’s oatcakes meet all my requirements! As a quick breakfast, they keep us going until lunch with no mid-morning snack. They are definitely better for you than the average coffee house baked good. (Yes, I sneaked in my own snack.) They also give my daughter energy for karate class after a morning spent playing in the park.

Will I fiddle with the numbers in the future? Possibly. I wonder if applesauce could replace the butter. Maybe I’ll cut back on the nuts or maple syrup. Could egg whites replace the whole eggs?

Although, after watching this ABC News report on obesity, I’m hesitant to demonize organic butter, real maple syrup, real eggs and fresh walnuts. Our food supply has enough bad guys already, don’t you agree?

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  1. Cioci Ingrid says:

    I love that you added the Swanson’s Oatcakes. I’m going to give them a try. Thanks.

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