avocado plant

We planted our first avocado seed today. Remember way back in April when we put it in a bag of moss? The book said it would take a few weeks to get roots. Ours took a few months. Maybe our laundry room isn’t warm enough?

avocado plant

You’re supposed to have 3-4 inches of roots before planting. Our second avocado seed is really slow. (Sorry I forgot to take a pic of the first seed’s roots.) Back into the bag of moss for that one.

Other green happenings: A friend is traveling a lot this summer and has asked me to look after her strawberry plants. She started them from very special seeds that came all the way from Poland. No pressure, right? So far, so good.


Full disclosure: My green thumb isn’t very consistent. The neglected tomato plant is thriving, but not producing any fruit. The cucumber got snapped in half by The Ol’ Nebraska Winds during a storm. Technically, it’s not my fault, but it’s dead just the same.

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2 Responses to the little avocado that could

  1. Sarah M says:

    don’t feel bad, I have what I consider a “black thumb” :) Although, surprisingly, our little plots out back this year are doing quite well, and I’ve enjoyed going out every morning with the kids to snap off a sugar snap pea and crunch, or some bright juicy raspberries!

    I don’t know if I’d be that brave with the Polish strawbs, though!

    Sarah M

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