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It’s picnic season and I’ve started thinking about snacks that are easy to pack when we’re going to the park. I’ve always loved scones, but I like them light and fluffy, not like some of the hard ones you find in coffee shops.

I’m also kind of picky about their nutritional value. I don’t like baking with a lot of heavy cream or butter. I was drawn to Alice Waters’ recipe because she doesn’t use butter. I’ve been replacing the heavy cream with different ratios of yogurt and milk.

The first batch I made tasted good out of the oven, but were kind of dry the next day. The second batch wasn’t that great at all. This third batch is awesome out of the oven. If they are just as good tomorrow, I’m declaring success!

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2 Responses to my creative space

  1. Shawn says:

    If they are a success, are you gonna share the recipe? (hint, hint)

    They look fabulous.

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