diy hair elastic holders

If you have long hair, how do you store your hair ties? I used to keep them on the original cardboards, but they are kind of flimsy and tear easily. I wanted something more sturdy.

Using the plastic leftover from making my place mat sock blockers, I traced the original cardboards and came up with these.

diy hair elastic holders

We’ve been using them for awhile and they are holding up great. It’s really nice to pull them out the basket and not have the elastics fall off. You could use any kind of plastic that can be cut with scissors or even the thick chipboard from a legal notepad.

embarrassing: I went to link to my place mat sock holder post and can’t find it. Did I not share them on the blog? How is that possible? Here’s the tutorial I used. I’ll have to get a pic to share with you.

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2 Responses to diy hair elastic holders

  1. Lisa says:

    We use a little metal ring that hangs on a cupboard knob- we actually bought some hair elastics that came on it.

  2. amy in ne says:

    Oh, this is a great idea! With 5 ladies in the house we are always finding hair elastics laying around, this would keep them contained…and having different designs on the holders would avoid the “those are MINE!” problem we have. :) MUST make some of these!!