A few weeks ago, I mentioned that my first freezer paper stencil was a prototype. Now that the recipient has received his gift, I can show you: iKick!

kids karate freezer stencil tshirt

I used two coats of paint this time and got much better coverage, but it seeped under the freezer paper in some places. Not a big deal for this shirt because I like the edginess it brings to the design. I wonder if I could get better coverage with a smoother edge by using fabric markers instead of paint. Hmm…

stencil art: Karate guy from clip art I had on my computer. Font is Myriad.

Did you happen to catch Apple in the headlines today? It bumped Google out of first for most valuable brand.

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2 Responses to ikick freezer paper stencil

  1. Lisa Hatch says:

    The boy who was the lucky recipient of this shirt is thrilled with it, and can’t wait to show it to his Kyosah-Nim (teacher)! He’s got a belt testing and a tournament coming up, and he’s so excited to show it off. Thank you, Aunt Julie!