kids handmade mothers day gift

Last week, my daughter’s nature school class hosted a Mother’s Tea. It was a really sweet morning. The kids sang us a song, gave us presents they had been working on for a few weeks and then we all went on a hike to the Butterfly Garden to plant flowers.

preschool butterfly garden

If you are local and happen to be at the park, you should check out the garden. All of the flowers are planted by the preschoolers. They were so proud.

butterfly sculpture

The benches, sculpture and garden itself were donated by preschool parents over the past few years in memory of some of the mothers, teachers and children related to the program. It was a very touching morning.

handmade gift idea: The bracelets were so cute. They are beads on pipe cleaners chenille sticks. The poem was written by one of the teachers. The kids re-used old greeting cards to make new Mother’s Day cards. It’s a great project for little ones to do mostly on their own.

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  1. Cindy says:

    These are keepsakes you will keep forever. I have a Christmas ornament made by my son, made with a green pipe cleaner strung with pasta which had been dyed red. I still hang it on the tree after almost 30 years.

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