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In my creative space today, I’m helping my daughter with a few seed projects. She found this book in the cupboard a few weeks ago and has been studying it for foods that we have in our kitchen. So far she’s collected seeds from an apple and a lemon. I’ve given her a few avocado seeds, but they have all dried out before we had a chance to get our sphagnum moss. (She took them to nature school show-n-tell, instead.)

Now that we’ve got our moss, she keeps asking me when I’m going to eat That Avocado in the Refrigerator and could I please remove the seed gently with a spoon? Wish us luck!

stash: I won this book from a giveaway by the publisher on Facebook. It hangs out with my stash of cookbooks, although I have a feeling it might be moving to her bookshelves in the future.

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  1. amy in ne says:

    We planted seeds today too!! We started little indoor terrerarium gardens…too wet to go out.

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  3. […] and she lost interest for awhile, but it has definitely been a lesson in patience. (We started way back in April.) But given our recent success, we’re talking about starting something else from our book. […]