stuffed animal new nose tutorial

What is it with the noses on stuffed animals? I know my daughter isn’t chewing on them, so how does something like this happen? If you look closely, you can see the original torn nose and the remains of my first patch. I’m becoming an expert on fixing these, so I’m sharing my little trick with you.

fabric that matches the original nose (I doubled up for extra durability)
thin cardboard (check your recycle bin for a cereal box or similar)
aluminum foil
sewing notions

Step 1
Measure the nose (I used one of these circle templates) and cut a piece of cardboard the same size and shape. Cut your fabric a little bit larger than the cardboard.

Step 2
Lay down your aluminum foil, then the fabric and finally the cardboard. Fold the foil around the cardboard so the fabric is sandwiched nicely in between.

stuffed animal new nose tutorial

Step 3
Iron the foil on the top and bottom. Press really well around the edges. Let it cool before opening it up. It will be hot!

stuffed animal new nose tutorial

Step 4
Remove your perfectly pressed nose and hand stitch it in place.

stuffed animal new nose tutorial

He looks much happier now, doesn’t he? Hopefully the two layers of fabric will hold up a little longer this time.

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3 Responses to how to fix a stuffed animal’s nose in 4 easy steps

  1. Mom says:

    Yes, he definitely looks happier! Such a sweet and well loved friend.
    He’s always been the favorite. Great job.

  2. Ammie says:

    Great tip! Thanks for sharing. His new nose is charming.

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