wardrobe refashion comfy sweat shorts

These poor shorts have been sitting in my pile for a long time (note the wrinkles). I made these just like the first pair,* but this time I tried to add pockets. It didn’t go so well. I figured they were ready for the donate bag, but my husband said they fit great. It was just the pockets that were goofy. So I stitched them closed and cut the pockets out.

This was my only project out of the The Big To-do Pile this week. I’ve been working on a few gifts that I’ll be posting next week.

What did you finish this week?

*I just re-read my first comfy shorts post. This had me laughing: “I think with the small amount of sewing with knits that I do, I really don’t need a serger.”

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2 Responses to finished: red comfy shorts

  1. Kelly says:

    mwahahaha on the serger thing!

    I’m now looking forward to a coverstitch machine….it’ll be next on your list, too! Would make easy work of the waistbands and hems….

  2. I finished a fast knit scarf – but the list of things to finish is LONG!