I’d like to say that I adapt fairly well to change, but that doesn’t mean I like it. Today I tried three new things and I’m actually exited about them.

crochet yarn over
Recently, my friend Jennifer pointed out that our double crochet stitches look different. She watched me do mine and I watched her do hers. The difference? How we did the yarn overs. I spent the day practicing her yarn over and I’m hooked. (Ha, ha)

granny square basics
I’ve been making my granny squares the same way since my very first one. I happened across a tutorial on Sarah’s Crochet a Rainbow post and I really like how she does her color changes. Starting the next color in a different chain space makes it easier to crochet over the previous row’s tail. Sweet!

chai concentrate
Awhile back, Amy posted a link to chai concentrate. I don’t think I’ve ever had milk in my tea. Milk my coffee, sure, but in tea? (When I visited India, I was the weird American who ordered my tea black.)

Today I made a double batch: one for a friend and one for myself. I have to say that I don’t hate it. I’m not used to sugar in either coffee or tea, so the sweetness is a little weird. What I do like about this recipe: you can switch up your tea with each serving: caff, decaf, green. I’ll be trying it again tomorrow.

Three new things in one day. Who says you can’t teach an old cat new tricks?

5 Responses to old cat, new tricks

  1. Kelly says:

    Yay for new tricks! Thank you so much for the chai! I’ll be trying it tomorrow. (Tonight was a Mike’s night….lol)


  2. Laura :) says:

    I’m the same…I like things different but I don’t like change! Go figure!!

    SOOOOOOOO…..please tell about the different double crochets??? I’m curious and can’t think of any other way than the way I do mine!!! :)

  3. Change is a good thing – it just takes such focus and ability that sometimes we struggle.

  4. Anne Marie says:

    I would love to know the differences in your yarn overs – I am probably doing it the wrong way!

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