big to-do pile

A few things got put on hold over the holidays. Most of them are simple mending projects: fix a hole here, sew a button there. I should mention that the basket isn’t entirely full of clothing. The bottom half is filled with yarn bits for granny squares. The mending just sort of moved in and set up camp on top of them. But in the spirit of full disclosure, there is another pile not pictured that needs the same attention.

I’m making it a goal to finish one project a week. I’ll probably get motivated to do more once I get started, but I want a realistic goal that I can keep. My plan is to highlight each one on a new “Finished on Friday” weekly post. Hopefully, writing it down here will seal my commitment!

I actually completed one project earlier this week. While I was working on the puppy nightshirt, I let the hems down on these and these from last year. Yay for progress!

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4 Responses to the big to-do pile

  1. Laura :) says:

    Hmmm….mending….I think I’ve seen things around here that could use a little. Usually I can look the other way, but lately my husband keeps wearing this one t-shirt that has a hole in the shoulder seam. Somehow I think he does this to mock me and my complete lack of mending desire….or he just likes that shirt…I don’t ask.

    I think I’ll find it, fix it and see if he notices!!!

    Good post!! Got me motivated!! :D

  2. amy in ne says:

    Oooo…you said the “M” word. I would rather sew an entire garment than mend. I’ll join you in finishing an item a week–that’s not as intimidating as sitting down with the entire pile.

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