My daughter is still obsessed with this craft book. She reads it every day, carefully studying the projects and pictures.

Crafts to Make in the Winter by Kathy Ross

This week she insisted we make the Valentine Card box. Our entire stash of construction paper has been cut into colorful snowflakes, so we made a white heart (which is “the color of snow!”). She added a few squiggles and now we have a Christmas Card box.

Crafts to Make in the Winter by Kathy Ross

The cutest part: she takes this little box around the house and “delivers” all of the cards to her stuffed animals. Then she goes around and picks them up like our mail carrier.

recycle: Cereal box from our recycle bin, paper and yarn from my stash.

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5 Responses to heart-shaped christmas card box

  1. Anne says:

    So cute…sounds like something my daughter would have done at that age!
    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Barbara says:

    I new copy of that craft book on Amazon costs $418.00!!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Sorry I have missed some of your blog posts… Been busy with Christmas you know!!?? LOL… I am still making presents for Christmas for the family that calls around after woods which is nice as I am not rush rush rush… Hope you had a time with the family!

    xo Steph

  4. […] sun catcher and groundhog puppet projects are from our favorite winter craft book, blogged about here and here. I’ll be taking pictures of our Valentine’s Day cards and posting a tutorial […]