bella leith matching pajamas

photo by: refibered

Last night, my friend Kelly and I took our daughters to pajama party storytime at the library. Kelly made these amazing nightshirts for the girls to wear. They had a great time and loved being pajama twins. Don’t they look adorable?

As we were leaving, I thanked Kelly for the pajamas. She thanked me for allowing her to use up some of her yardage. When we got in the car, my daughter asked if I had any yardage I needed to use up. If so, could I make her some more nightshirts? What a cutie.

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2 Responses to pajama twins

  1. Sarah M says:

    oh they are SO cute! Way to go, Kelly. Pajama party story time? That sounds really fun.
    I would always wear pajamas if it were socially acceptable ;)

    Sarah M

  2. Kelly says:

    I love that they liked the pajamas and had such a good time last night. (On a side note, John told me that the barista this morning said “I saw your daughter in her new nightgown.” — for context: he was at The Mill, the barista was Emily. lol)

    Looking forward to the next library social!