In my creative space today I’m untangling this beautiful mess of yarn. It’s not as bad as it looks, at least I hope it’s not. There are three hanks that are loosely tied. If I can get them on the swift properly, it should be smooth sailing.

thrifted yarn

Where did I get such interesting yarn? I got a phone call yesterday while I was shopping for groceries.

kelly: I’m at the thrift store and there are huge tubs of beautiful yarn that are only 99 cents each.
me: Thanks for thinking of me, but I have so much yarn.
kelly: Yes, but some of this stuff looks hand dyed. It’s really beautiful.
me: Can you send a picture?

thrifted yarn

I think she sent four pictures, actually. One of those “tubs” was a large bin on wheels. I felt weak. A little defeated by my desire for pretty yarn that I really don’t need. I drove up to the store.

thrifted yarn

I exercised tremendous restraint and bought only six skeins. The pink/purple/blue skein is for my daughter. I let her pick out one because she was so patient while I dug through that big bin. I also bought her some stickers.

I’m a little early posting my creative space today. Make sure you check out Kirsty’s blog later today for more spaces.

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5 Responses to my creative space

  1. Wow, what a find! I can’t believe you managed to limit yourself to only 6 skeins :)

  2. Amy in ne says:


  3. Sarah M says:

    dang lady, CALL ME UP! I seriously need to head to this store soon, y aknow, after we’re moved? It’s on the to-do list. ;0)

    Sarah M

  4. beck says:

    Definitely worth the drive! What a good friend you have. Hey, pop over & visit me today, & join in the giveaway! xo

  5. Morrgan says:

    Oh my! =) Delicious!