denim flower patch applique

A few weeks ago, my daughter fell and skinned her knee. Her knee healed fine, but her pants not so much. We love these jeans. They fit her really well, which is rare. She asked me to fix them, so I put them in the pile for the craft retreat. I was planning a boring patch, but the collection of creative minds turned it into something special and cute.

me: I’m just going to do a patch with some denim and heat-n-bond.
crafty friend #1: Why not cut some cute shapes with the BIGkick?
me: Hmm… that would be cool.
crafty friend #2: Are you going to stitch around the edges?
me: I don’t think so. How would I get it under the presser foot?
crafty friend #3: Open up the side seam and it will fit easily over your sewing arm. Then re-stitch and re-serge the seam.
me: Y’all are brilliant!

refashion: Mended clothes don’t have to look boring. This patch turned out most excellent! I’ll definitely be saving my denim scraps for future repairs.

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9 Responses to bee’s knees denim knee patch

  1. Tana says:

    Beautiful! I am so impressed!

  2. Bettina says:

    Looks really beautiful – and so simple. Nice idea!

  3. Amy in ne says:

    CUTE!!! Hmmmm….wonder what I could do for boys’ jeans. Lots of them….

  4. […] a bit of time here and there to finish some more up. This one was a necessity. When my daughter tore a hole in her best-fitting pair, I had to face the pile of size six jeans that are too long. It’s a big […]

  5. Kristi in NE says:

    Any suggestions for shapes on boys jeans?

  6. Lisa says:

    So cute! I think of you every day in my kindergarten room. One of my cuties has a mom that is a crafter. She walked in with pink heart patches on each knee of a pair of jeans. She told me they had holes in them and mom fixed them. LOVE! I’ll have to sneak some pictures of her cuteness so you can see.

  7. Nancy Richard says:

    Love the patch.

  8. Nancy Richard says:

    I love this patch, I`m making a simple denim rag quilt and i`m going to try this on some of the squares.

  9. Carol says:

    If you have a darning foot you don’t need to undo the side seem – even easier!