elk pioneers park

As I write this it is cold, rainy and a little snowy. It’s hard to believe that a few days ago we were visiting the bison and elk in 70 degree weather. We have had a beautiful Fall this year. The weather has been warm and the ragweed season was short thanks to an early frost. The leaves have been brilliant and the sun has been shining strong in bright blue skies.

nature collection

We have made the most of our weather with picnics after school and “nature walks” at the park. There are a lot of souvenirs from the season: pine cones from Densmore Park, acorns from Tierra Park, dried berries from Stransky Park, rocks from Pioneers Park. My daughter insists that the rocks are fossils, just like in Don’s nature collection.

playground tierra park

I’ll be honest. There have been afternoons where I would have preferred to be sewing or planning my next project. I might have missed a blog post here and there. Now that winter is in our neck of the woods, I am so grateful for our time outdoors. Pretty soon we’ll be dealing with negative wind chills, blizzard warnings and playing with Indoor Snow.

I’ll be saving the nature collection to remind us of the warmer days. Maybe I’ll even print out a few pictures, too. After I spend a little time with my sewing machine, though. I found lots of fun things at the thrift store today that need refashioning!

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2 Responses to my daughter’s nature collection

  1. Marge says:

    Sounds like your weather is the same as up here in Northwestern Ontario. No snow on the ground yet though which is almost unusual for us.
    I enjoy reading about your projects. Keep it up!!

  2. Cioci Ingrid says:

    A great nature collection…a little bit of everything.