oatmeal container storage

I’ve been saving our empty oatmeal containers on the top shelf of the pantry for awhile. My plan is to use them for storing my daughter’s artwork. Right now, most of what we want to keep is stored flat in my office closet, which is pretty packed. I’d like to sort and move them to the top shelf of her closet, which is pretty empty.

oatmeal container storage

Of course, she has other ideas. After taking the photo for the blog, she informed me that, “No artwork should be stored in Puppy Dog’s rocket!” As you can see, she’s also in charge of decorating the containers.

reuse: How do you reuse oatmeal containers? I think they would be great for packaging holiday cookies.

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3 Responses to reuse: oatmeal containers for storing artwork

  1. Amy in ne says:

    Those are wonderful ideas. We get oatmeal 50# at a time so no canisters here…but I’m thinking cereal boxes would also keep that unruly artwork neat. Thanks for, once again, sparking a creative match.

  2. Nancy Kestin says:

    I love the idea of recycling these containers. Even though I usually end up with smaller containers they work for rolls of ribbon and decorate to match any decor nicely. I’ll have to see if my GD will decorate some of these with her artwork. Thnx

  3. April says:

    We use them for sorting toys. I usually keep at least 6-10 containers around to sort blocks by shape or color. we are over-loaded with them right now so I have decided to use them in decorating for a birthday party. I taped 9 of them together and have created a tree trunk. I am going to do 2 of these. The remaining containers will be used as small ‘tree stumps’ in which I will use for storing party favors. each child will take home their very own tree stump full of goodies.