Today was my daughter’s snack day at school. On Monday at the grocery store she announced she wanted to take grapes and milk. I thought that was pretty easy. Then we got home and she informed me that her snack day is on Wacky Wednesday.

I don’t remember doing this in school, do you? You wear wacky clothes: socks that don’t match, shirts backwards, off season things. The whole day is weird with wacky crafts and games. I figured we needed to bring a wacky snack, but what to do with grapes? I finally came up with this little caterpillar kabob.

caterpillar grape kabob

I used bamboo skewers that we had on hand and cut them in half with heavy duty scissors. I also cut off the sharp points. Eyes were made out of little balls of (very cold) cream cheese frosting and mini chocolate chips. The teachers thought they were pretty cool. I hope the kids like them, too.


10 Responses to wacky wednesday preschool snack

  1. kq says:

    love and admire.

  2. They are so cool. We never did anything wacky. Strange!

  3. Amy in ne says:

    These are great! I am going to make them for a treat…my people will LOVE them!

  4. kelly says:

    Super cure and clever!! L’s snack day is tomorrow..may need to steal this idea!

  5. Sarah M says:

    these are so cute. I’m sure they loved them. PS-that collage idea (envelopes…DUH! why couldn’t I think of that) is a great one…excellent “too cold today” activity :)

    Sarah M

  6. Charlotta says:

    Yes, we’ve had this event at my son’s school too and there were many crazy sights..!
    In our class we opted to have a ‘buffet table’ in the class room to ensure each child got to showcase their food.

    I did mini hamburgers that looked like monsters. The bread buns were open only half way to reveal a burger with eyes (mayo with BBQ sauce ‘pupils’) and little hats that I made out of paper. They were very popular.

    I LOVE your caterpillar idea! I will definitely steal this one right off for our next ‘wacky food event’!

    Thanks for sharing!!

    x Charlotta

  7. Lisa says:

    This is just too cute to not make! You are so clever!!!

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  9. This is a great snack for the little ones. Very cute and yummy!