early morning frost

I don’t have any crafty pictures today, so I thought I’d share one that I took of the morning frost at the park. It’s got me thinking about the cold weather that’s almost upon us. (Here’s a larger size so you can see the ice crystals.)

My daughter goes on a hike at nature school, so we can’t simply run from the car to the door. Well, I can, but she’s got to dress for the weather. I have to pull out her hat and mittens and see if they still fit.

I’m mending one of my favorite sweaters that has worn elbows. I’m taking pictures and will share all of the steps with you this week.

I made a big pot of soup and an apple crisp this weekend. I also spent a lot of time under my one of my favorite blankets.

I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving and making holiday gift lists.

Today I voted. Tomorrow I will turn the phone ringer back on.

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4 Responses to hello november!

  1. Can you believe it is already November? Where is the year going???

  2. Mom says:

    Hello beautiful ice crystals. Good bye ragweed!

  3. Maggie says:

    wow, you found that blanket at a thrift store?! it’s gorgeous, no wonder it’s a favourite. We’re having a 36*C day down here today and it totally took me by surprise.

  4. Charity says:

    I love this time of year, too. Today is the first day the kids have left the house in freezing temperatures, brrr. What is the nature school your daughter attends? Sounds wonderful!