turn a sweater into a blanket

I finished the petite afghan today and oh my is it ever thick and warm! I started with a large women’s bulky knit sweater and ended up with a 30 x 30 inch granny square.

The yarn was eleven untwisted plies and I used a K-10.5-6.5mm hook. The border is a round of half double crochets with three stitches in each corner.

turn a sweater into a blanket

I can’t decide if this is going on etsy or in my holiday gift pile. It would nice to have one finished gift to cross of my list!

project info: Original sweater and pattern details.

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One Response to project finished: recycled sweater blanket

  1. It came out so nice. What is cool about white is that someone cold dye it if they wanted as well. Great project and way to recycle!