I’ve talked about our vacation, but have I mentioned where we’re going?

t shirt to toddler dress

Yep! Can you believe I found this t-shirt? I thought it might make a really cool beach cover-up for my daughter. I just used one of her currently fitting dresses as a pattern.

t-shirt to beach coverup

This should have been such an easy project. The t-shirt was twisted and I had a hard time making the vertical lines look even. Also, the material is really thin and kept getting sucked into my machine. But I loved how it turned out!

t-shirt to beach coverup

So does my daughter. It would be nice if this fits next summer as a dress, but they way she’s growing, it will probably fit in the middle of January.

thrifted and refashioned: 99 cent sale t-shirt.

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2 Responses to wardrobe refashion: t-shirt to little girl’s beach cover-up

  1. Very cool use of this t-shirt!

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