dinosaur cake

It did not have a volcano or really big teeth. It wouldn’t win a spot in the Craftiest Cake Hall of Fame. It did, however, have some really awesome dinosaur sprinkles, along with some moons and stars, carefully applied by the birthday girl herself. And it is the only thing I made this weekend.

I didn’t make her a fancy dino applique anything (although my friend Kelly made her an awesome dino tote), no special #4 shirt like last year (she wanted to wear her Liberty party dress), not one stitch sewn, knit or hooked.

I have done other crafty things, though. We’ve colored a lot, gone through an amazing number of stickers and built cool houses with magformers. We’ve also read lots and lots of dinosaur books and eaten lots of cheesy carbohydrates.

It’s been awesome, but I’m ready to get back to my usual creative self. I’m also buying my own set of skinny magic markers because coloring these cool animals is really fun.

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4 Responses to this weekend i made a dinosaur cake

  1. Sarah M says:

    aw, cute cake! Happy 4th Birthday, Bella!!

  2. zoe says:

    I love the cake, just about my speed;)

  3. Lovely cake. I’m sure the kids enjoyed it!

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