thrifty thursday

I skipped the Thursday garage sales today because I’m planning on checking out Goodwill’s 99 cent day tomorrow. There’s nothing like some good 99 cent retail therapy and I haven’t been to the sale in a few months.

Since I didn’t have anything thrifty to report today, I took a look around my creative space, which is filled with thrifty goodness, and noticed a theme. Some may say that Nebraska has infected my taste in colors or I could be subconsciously planning for the holidays. I think maybe I spend too much time looking at cabbage roses and vintage French linen.

There’s a story behind the fabric. When one of my readers realized that we both live in Lincoln, she emailed me about a big box and big bag of fabric that she no longer wanted. Was there anything I could do with it? I picked it up that evening (small world: she practically lives in my neighborhood!) and started spreading the word.

First I met two friends for coffee and they left with almost half of it! Then I took what was left to knitting group to give to my friend who helps out with Sewing for Babies. I kind of feel sorry for those babies, because the knitters went to town on what was left. However, I’m happy that we kept a lot of fabric out of the landfill and bypassed the thrift store grab bags.* Everyone left with something they really wanted and the rest is going to a good cause.

Of course I picked out a few little pieces for myself. Right now I’m spending more time with yarn, so I can’t overdo it on my stash.

thrifting: The buttons and ribbon are thrifted from all over the place: Goodwill, church sales and garage sales.

* Don’t you hate it when you find one or two things you love at the thrift store and they’re packaged in a “grab bag” with a bunch of things you don’t want? Have you ever just bought the bag, taken out what you want and then immediately donated back the rest? Me, too.

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6 Responses to thrifty thursday

  1. Mary says:

    Ha! ALL the time! Love your photo and color scheme! :)

  2. Give the stuff you don’t want away! That is what I do.

  3. Anna says:

    I’m so happy the fabric is going to be used – I just couldn’t bring myself to pitch it!

  4. there is an advantage for becoming known for using and reusing things — people start to give you stuff that you have to find homes for — I am in the process of redistributing a few goodies passed along to me, but hopefully better used by someone else!

    thanks for your insights on this blog, I check on my RSS feed for your updates and visit you pretty regular…

  5. […] stash: This is a great stash busting project that’s perfect for those little pieces you can’t bear to throw away. Anyone recognize the buttons? […]

  6. lc says:

    I have been known to purchase a sweater from a thrift store, remove the zipper, clean it up, and re-donate because it is still a fine piece of clothing!