It occurred to me last night after I posted the pic of my swatch that a before shot would have been nice. How else would you be able to tell that the stitch definition had been lost?

star blanket swatch

I crocheted another one last night and remembered to take a “before” shot this time. The second swatch was washed in cold. It also felted. Except that it didn’t shrink. Before and after are the same size and shape. Maybe “felted” is the wrong term.

It’s like the yarn is blooming. It’s incredibly soft. I’m starting to think I might even like it. I’m going to wash it again — maybe a few times — to see how it holds up. What’s more important to a newborn: soft and cuddly or nice stitch definition? I’m thinking soft and cuddly.

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2 Responses to star swatch no.2: felted (i think)

  1. What will you do with the star? If it is fluffy it might be nice as a face soap washing tool :)

  2. Amy in ne says:

    I think the term might be “fulled”—anyone else know??

    ps Enjoying my bag of goodies, thanks for thinking of me!