amanda soule handmade home beach blanket to go

I wrote about this blanket last year and I’m so glad it is finally in the hands of the married couple! I had hoped to take it to their wedding, but it was heavy. With the weight limits put on luggage — and extra fees — I figured it would make more sense to send it flat rate priority mail.

Then it got cold. We got a blizzard. My beach blanket mojo was kind of low. I figured they wouldn’t use it until next summer anyway.

Then all of the sudden it was warm. I had to finish it up and send it off before beach season!

amanda soule handmade home beach blanket to go

I think everyone who gets married on a beach should have a personalized beach blanket, don’t you? You can find fabric and pattern details about this project in my original post.

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5 Responses to finished: beach blanket to go

  1. Megan says:

    What a lovely and thoughtful wedding present! I’m digging that striped fabric and custom tag.

  2. I agree – and what a great gift!

  3. tracey says:

    that is such a lovely gift idea!

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