My parents are visiting this week. Usually when they are here I try to tackle a big project. The last one was a major destash and cleanup. Since then I went on a little spring cleaning binge. There isn’t a lot house-related stuff I need to do while my daughter has two super-fun playmates. I’m looking at some small, crafty projects instead.

Refashion some clothes. I’m planning to take up the hem on my linen skirts a little — they’re just a wee bit too long. I also want to work on this shirt. I love the print and fabric, but I’m not so sure about that collar and those scrunched up sleeves.

crafty to do list

List some items on etsy. I’ve got a few cute upcycled projects that aren’t going to get sold if they aren’t in my store!

Start a sock. It’s been too long since I have knit a pair of socks. Maybe since the 2008 Summer of Socks? Yikes! (Notice the “start” part. Some day in the future you might see a “finish” goal, but for now I’ll be happy just to cast on.)

Not a big list. I should be able to get these accomplished, right?

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5 Responses to things i would like to do next week

  1. If you are on Ravelry – we have a group – June Jingles (it changes each month). But, for June it is about saving money and de-stashing. There are a number of people working on socks out of their stash. I’m one of them :)

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  3. Michele says:

    I hope you have a lovely time with your parents and get some things done.
    Sensible list – Good luck!
    That is a lovely shirt, great colors with a cute print, I am interested to see what you come up with! I don’t feel like I suit collars and would love to be able to utilize some of the pretty ones I find.

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