handmade birthday gift

Yesterday when I told you this pattern was addicting, I really meant it. I just finished one for myself today, which makes six total! (I’ll spare you the sixth picture.) I think I am finished for awhile — need to get back into a granny square groove.

I chose the colors because my friend is a UCLA alum. Of course, after having her second baby boy, she’s probably up to her eyeballs in blue. In hindsight, maybe I should have done something in pink! The blue and yellow coordinated nicely with the little drawstring bag I made. I included more soaps from yummy suds.

handmade birthday gift

stash: I am really putting a dent in my stash. It feels good. Just in time for garage sailing on Saturday!

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3 Responses to handmade birthday gift for a special friend

  1. Karin van D. says:

    What a great gift this is. And that drawstring bag is very cute too!

  2. Kim says:

    These are probably the nicest wash clothes I’ve seen. Thank you for the link. Kim :)

  3. Lucky friend. Goodness you have great gifts!