Another internationally-inspired blog post! I’ve had this fabric for awhile and can’t believe I neglected to share it with you.

A few months ago, my father-in-law went to India and asked if I wanted anything. I told him a little bit of fabric — something colorful — if it wasn’t any trouble. (Trips back to India are usually filled with lots of family obligations and little time for shopping.)

fabric from india

I was blown away when I received my package! Aren’t these gorgeous? I know I’ll make one or two summer skirts, but I’m not sure I’ll do with the rest. It’s all so beautiful I don’t want to cut into it.

AFPs: Believe it or not, I’ve got some Actual Finished Projects to post for the rest of the week. (I can hear a collective, “It’s about time!”)

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7 Responses to fabric from india

  1. Mom says:

    Absolutely beautiful! What a caring and thoughtful thing for Gurdial to do.
    Can understand that you’d hesitate to cut into the fabric, but I know something wonderful will emerge!

  2. OMG – stunning. I would not have picked these out as Indian (because in my head the colors would be different). But beautiful and wonderful for opening my eys to not think of all Indian colors as orange and purples and blues. :)

  3. Anna says:

    That red fabric has caught my eye!

  4. kelly says:

    Julie, those are *gorgeous*! Do they feel as fine as they look (tight, high thread count weave)?

    They remind me of Liberty fabrics!! Lucky you!


  5. sarah says:

    Those are lovely!

  6. Cioci Ingrid says:

    As a favorite, I picked the fourth one down and then I picked the third one down and then…

    Credit goes to Gurdial. Looking forward to seeing what you will create. I’m sure you will do the fabrics justice.

  7. Karin van D. says:

    Beautiful. I can’t wait to see what you’ll be making, Julie!