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I’m finally getting around to some household stuff I’ve had in my to-do pile for awhile. Last year I made some rags out of an old bath towel, but I never finished the edges. They’d get frayed and messy in the wash and every few months I’d trim off the scraggly bits. Yesterday I finally switched my serger over to 2-thread overlock and cleaned up those edges. I also went ahead and cut up and finished another towel. This stash of rags should last awhile!

I also tried to make some tea towels out of a thrifted linen dress. The blend has too much nylon though, and they aren’t very absorbent. My husband suggested that they’d make great napkins. I’m so excited that he’s open to the idea of cloth napkins, because they are on my to-do list, as well. This project gave me a lot of practice with rolled hems. Oh, how I love my serger!

I hope to have some more household stuff to post soon, including curtains for my office!

reuse: Towel came from my linen closet, dress from 99 cent sale.

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4 Responses to upcycling in the kitchen

  1. Anne says:

    We moved to cloth napkins last year, and now whenever I have to use a paper napkin it feels so…. common. hahaha!! Oh, and check out rummage sales and garage sales for cloth napkins. I have yet to spend more than a quarter on a cloth napkin. :)

  2. I have been cutting down older towels into dish rags or car washing, or floor wipe rags for alot of years now — may seem strange to the current generation but it never dawned on my to throw the towels out when they became raggedy! Old t-shirts become polish or dusting cloths, so there is always a use for things when they have worn out one use…
    I have been reading your blog for awhile now and do enjoy all your ideas…

  3. Hi Julie! Great blog! I’m also wanting to learn to sew for the purpose of upcycling. Also, you seem to have similar interests in me regards to re-purposing and re-thinking how to use items. I’ve also made my kitchen paper towel free recently and now use towels at dinner instead of paper napkins. Once you get used to it, it’s easy. Once you start thinking sustainably it becomes infectious.

    Good for you!

    Take care,


    PS, I found your blog while searching for rags! I’m all out and wanted to find out if someone was selling old rags. Never even thought to use an old bath towel and sew the ends!