Confession time: my daughter’s dress wasn’t the only Liberty of Target item I bought last month. I fell in love with this tote on the website and was disappointed when I got to the store and realized it was oil cloth. I almost put it back a few times while I was shopping, but in the end, the print won me over.

liberty of london target tote bag

After using it a few times as a knitting tote, I wished I hadn’t bought it. The cloth was so stiff that even a small ball of yarn gave it a goofy bump in the middle. Then I thought, I make tote bags. Why don’t I stop complaining and just fix the darn thing?

liberty of london target tote bag

So I added a four inch gusset and prettied it up with some vintage buttons on the side. It’s still stiff, but much more functional.

liberty of london target tote bag

I’ve actually started using it for my daily purse, even though it’s kind of big. I still wish it was fabric, but I really do love those little flowers.

future thrifting?
I’m wondering if others were as frustrated with this bag. Maybe they’ll start showing up at the thrift stores?

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2 Responses to liberty of target tote hack

  1. kq says:

    love it, julie. nicely done.

  2. Liz says:

    I think you’ll find the cloth will soften with use. So the more you use it the better it might get for you!

    I love following your blog. Thanks for sharing all your great projects.