I’m still spring cleaning my creative space. Last night I went through all of my knitting and crochet magazines. I was surprised how much paper I was holding on to for just a handful of patterns. I cut out the ones I liked and bundled up the rest to pass on to my friends at knitting group on Wednesday.

Tonight I’m tackling my inspiration magazines. I rarely tear out pages, but after seeing all of the advertising that is just cluttering things up, I started ripping. How inspirational can all of these beautiful photos really be when they are mixed in with ads for all kinds of uncreative things? I’m cutting out what I love and recycling the rest.

Both of these steps are in addition to thinning out my craft books, which I did a few weeks ago. I put a lot of stuff on swaptree.com and have given some away to friends. My spring cleaning goal is to only have things around my creative space that are inspiring to me.

I know some of you are out there spring cleaning, too. What are you tossing?

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2 Responses to inspiration and paper cuts

  1. Cioci Ingrid says:

    I’m donating heels and Liz Claiborne shorts. I know it’s time to say goodbye.

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