It’s that time of year again: Neat Repeatz. I feel like there was even more clothing to go through than years past. I’m so glad I went while my daughter was in school or I might have come home with a lot more dresses!

red white and blue dress

She loved everything I bought, but these are my two favorite. I almost put the red dress back on the rack, and she told me that it’s her favorite. So glad I decided to get it!

red strawberry dress

thrifting: This is such an overwhelming event, but I’m always glad I go. I looked at both 4T and 5T sizes. Hopefully, everything will fit my string bean!

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2 Responses to thrifty thursday

  1. Ashley says:

    You should go back on Sunday and see if you still have some finds at half-price!!!

  2. helsbells says:

    Wow, beautiful finds, thanks for sharing, you are very lucky.