recycled sweater yarn granny square scarf

I know it seems like I crochet all the time now. I haven’t abandoned knitting or sewing. My daughter is going through what I call a “grabbie” phase. She’s always been very interested in my crafting, but now she’s all about touching everything. I joke that it’s like living with an octopus. There seem to be way more than two little hands trying to get at my projects.

Sewing is hard because of all of the shiny, pointy tools: pins, needles, scissors. She loves the heavy click the sewing machine on-switch makes and how the light turns on. Knitting and crochet are both difficult, too. She LOVES to pull out my needle or hook and try to do it herself. Pulling out a crochet hook isn’t that bad, but pulling out a knitting needle makes an unraveled yarny mess.

Sometimes I’m lucky to get a stretch of time when she’s playing with playdoh or concentrating hard on her letters and numbers. And there’s always that hour during Sesame Street. Until this phase is over, I’ll just grab a stack of books, sit on the floor next to her and crochet while we read.

recycle: Yes, I’m still working from my stash of recycled sweater yarn. I’m thinking about another granny square scarf. It’s snowing today, so I’m guessing I’ll get a lot of time to work on it!

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2 Responses to more crochet, more recycled sweater yarn

  1. Ha! As I was reading your post I had my hook pulled out twice! Those squares are so pretty with that striking red and I really enjoyed (trying) to crochet your little heart pattern for Valentine’s Day. Thanks for that.

  2. Kate says:

    Crafting on your own projects with little ones around is so difficult. My kids always want to help. I recently bought some op shop wool and hooks so they can crochet next to me. Your squares and flowers are lovely.