poppy purse soule mama handmade home

Seriously, how could I forget to blog about this?! Last week I made the Mama’s Bag from Amanda Soule’s latest book with fabric to match my laptop bag. I absolutely love it. My only modification to the pattern was to add a divider on the inside. You can see it a little bit on the left here:

poppy purse soule mama handmade home

That’s mostly to keep knitting and crochet projects from getting tangled up in my other purse stuff. At first I thought it was a little small, but once I freed myself from carrying around so many of my three-year-old’s things* in my bag, I think it’s just perfect.

*It is a Mama’s Bag after all!

stash: Fabric came from this remnant sale. Book is from the library, but after checking it out twice, I think I should probably just buy it. There are so many things I want to make!

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4 Responses to did i mention i made a new purse?

  1. Karin says:

    I think the purse is lovely. I really like the fabric, beautiful!

  2. Kelly says:

    Nice work! That fabric is so pretty. Love the bag!

  3. Lise says:

    Your purse is so beautiful!! Now I think I’m going to have to make one (add that to the never-ended to-make list!)

  4. Charity says:

    This is so lovely! I’ve been planning to make one of these bags for ages – yours is so inspiring. I looooove the fabric! :)