twisted rib scarf

My poor, patient husband’s Christmas gift is finally finished. It’s a scarf to match his birthday hat, which was knit with a twisted rib in the round. I wanted to do something similar for his scarf, but had trouble matching the look of the hat while knitting flat. Here’s what I came up with:

K1 western style, P1 combination style

The result: every other row has twisted knit stitches.

I’ve been a big fan of Annie Modesitt’s combination knitting method for some time. Honestly, it’s because of the purl stitches. I love them because they are so easy. Blending western knits and combination purls got me pretty close to matching the hat.

combination notes: Annie’s website is a wealth of combination knitting knowledge and it’s how I learned her method. Grumperina has a nice history and videos, as well.

stash: This was knit from my never-ending stash of black Cascade 220. I’d like to make matching gloves or wrist warmers, but I’d be pushing my luck on what my husband might wear.

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  1. dini says:

    nice scarf….