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I can’t believe it, but I am out of red acrylic yarn. I had to use some gray to finish this scarf. It turned out nicely: thick and warm. I think I’m going to add some tassels to the ends. I’m excited to finish this so far ahead of the Craft Hope deadline. Now, if I can only get it mailed out just as fast!

Finished dimensions: 76 x 5 inches.

thrifted stash: All of the red yarn from this scarf and these hats came from one big grab bag at the thrift store. I’ve still got some black and gray left. What a score for $4! And all of it is going to keeping students warm this winter. Makes me feel good!

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3 Responses to red scarf finished!

  1. mindy says:

    That is so cool! I love great thrift store finds!

  2. Francine for Very Pashmina says:

    Wow! Good work on that winter scarf!