snow angel made out of cotton balls

The weather outside is seriously frightful and tonight we’ll be under a blizzard warning. What do you do when your child wants to go outside and play, but it’s windy and below freezing? Play with indoor snow!

snow man made out of cotton balls

I grabbed a bag of cotton balls, a bucket and shovel and we made a snow angel, snowman, snow dog, snow cat and snow tree. We also had a snowball battle!

christmas tree made out of cotton balls

indoor snow tip: Lay a “picnic blanket” down on the floor first, especially if you are close to a holiday tree or you’ll get needles stuck in your “snow”!

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2 Responses to how to make a snow angel indoors

  1. Trudy Callan says:

    I love the cute idea with the cotton balls. I’m so excited that I’ve won the pillow cover. They’re all so cute. I’m still deciding which one to pick. I’ll let you know later tonight or tomorrow.

  2. […] I’ll be honest. There have been afternoons where I would have preferred to be sewing or planning my next project. I might have even missed a blog post here and there. Now that winter is blowing in our neck of the woods, I am so grateful for our time outdoors. Pretty soon we’ll be dealing with negative wind chills, blizzard warnings and playing with Indoor Snow. […]