Actually, I have this little “niece” in Florida. She just turned eight and I know she used to like Charlie and Lola when she was younger. We’ve just recently discovered Charlie and Lola. I checked out some paperbacks from the library, but my daughter’s favorite is this pop-up book from her “Aunt Lisa.”

I made a Formula One t-shirt for my “nephew” last spring and wanted to do something similar for his sister. I absolutely adore Lauren Child’s illustration style, but was worried that it might be too young for a grown up eight-year-old. I decided to create my own applique flower and add two small Lola-like butterflies.

charlie and lola applique t-shirt

I really love how this turned out. I hope she does, too.

refashion: Scrap fabric and heat-n-bond is from my stash. You can download a pdf file of my flower pattern here.

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2 Responses to i have this little sister lola…

  1. Lisa says:

    She adores the shirt, and she loves the fact that her “Aunt Julie” made her something special! And I mostly sent Bella the book because I knew her mommy would LOVE the illustrations! Now, off to clean up a cup of spilled milk – no, it never stops…

  2. Sarah M says:

    super cute! Have you ever sewn around teh edges? Depending on the type of bond material you used, the applique could peel off after a few washes. I always sew around all the edges to prevent that or serious fraying. I’ve learned the hard way :(
    Sarah M