super target archer farm almond container

I am just in love with the shape of Archer Farm’s almond containers. They’re nice and durable and have this great silver/gray lid. I held a few back from the recycle bin because I thought I’d be able to make something cute with them.

When we came back from the beach, my daughter had lots of pretty shells and rocks. We couldn’t figure out where to store them. They were too pretty to put away, but I didn’t want them laying around, either. Then I remembered these containers. Perfect!

reuse: I still have two more containers and I’m thinking of decoupage with gray and silver paper scraps. What do you think? Any other ideas?

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3 Responses to reuse: plastic sea shell container

  1. thistle says:

    We have tons of them.. use them in the garage for all the nails n screws.. but.. these are perfect for the screw the lids to under a shelf. then put item in jar which you wanna keep.. there plastic makes them nice being unbreakable.. however the bottom dishwasher rack melts them… Maybe reuse them for gift body scrubs? of course you could make holes in the lid and make an atrium, or bug jar…

  2. Lori says:

    Too ironic…we’ve been buying the Archer Farms snacks for months just to get the containers for the garage :)

  3. amy in ne says:

    I really like this idea. We have all sorts of things (critters) in jars but they are boring peanut butter jars. These are pretty. I think I will get some for our shell collection too…you can’t see them in the basket on the shelf. :(