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During the past week, this bag has carried my laptop through the airport, been my purse to a wedding, and toted stuff to the beach. That’s a lot of jobs for one bag. I’m happy to say it performed all of its required duties wonderfully. And it looked pretty darn cute, too. Here’s how I planned the design:

Most importantly, this bag needed to be large enough to fit my laptop, but small enough to meet airline carry-on luggage guidelines. I checked the FAA and NWA website and both set my limit at 45 linear inches. Mine turned out to be 13.5 x 16.5 x 4 inches, or 34 linear inches. Part of me wished I had made it a little bigger, but there’s less room for your bag under an aisle seat, so in the end, this size worked great.

laptop bag

I wanted a separate sections for my laptop and my other things. I created two pockets and added a tie to the laptop side. When I used this as a purse, the laptop side was filled with fun things for distracting my daughter, like coloring books, story books, stickers, etc. At the beach, it held my book and knitting project.

laptop bag

A zipper closure was essential. I didn’t want anything to fall out during airport screening and I didn’t want any sand getting inside. Durability was important, also. The outside is an upholstery fabric and the inside is a cotton canvas.

This bag is basically an oversized zipper pouch with handles and two inside large pockets. It seems silly to write up a tutorial when there are so many great ones already out there. For this project, I referenced the following:

Adding the handles was easy. I just sandwiched them between the outside fabric and zipper when I was sewing it all together. I reinforced the handles with a few rows of extra stitching.

stash: Fabric came from this remnant sale. Zipper was thrifted.

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4 Responses to my new laptop bag…and all the details

  1. sonya says:

    I absolutely love your laptop bag! How much of that lovely poppy fabric were you able to get? I do wish that I could get my hands on enough of it to make my own bag,or can I make you an offer on yours? Perhaps you thought of making one for the etsy site…
    You’ve been a wonderful inspiration.
    Thanks, S

  2. Kylie says:

    This bag is just divine! It’s finished so beautifully and everything about it is just perfect :) Okay, you’re my sewing guru now, Julie. I love the sentence in your intro re if it can fit under the presser foot it’s fair game! So fabulous :) K

  3. --ginger. says:

    I super DIG the heavyweightish texture of that fabric. It’s so striking. Just lovely.

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