crochet placemats

I bought these crocheted placemats at daycare garage sale a few months ago and I still can’t decide what to do with them. At first I thought I’d make two tall totes, but after seeing them folded in half on my shelf, I also considered four zipper pouches. Then I thought maybe just one large tote. I can’t make up my mind. (Yes, I did consider actually using them as placemats, but they are kind of small.)

Any suggestions?

thrifting: Usually I pass up things I can easily make myself, but I really liked the pattern of these. Plus, they were only 25 cents. I wonder what the person who made these by hand would think of that price.

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4 Responses to thrifted placemat dilemna

  1. Awesome placemats and I’m loving your blog. Found you on Twitter. I’d go with the four smaller bags, preferably with lining and zippers and a little handle. I love that size, so handy for so many things. Have fun, I’ll keep reading for sure.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I really like these!! Great design and price… BARGIN MATE!! hehe I say zipper purse but how about framing them and using them s wall art maybe?? Can’t wait to see what you decide…

    xo Steph

  3. Lucy Bowler says:

    I’m thinking cushion covers!

  4. Jessica-Jean says:

    I found two such rugs (almost 36″ square) in a church thrift shop. I asked online about the pattern used; I wanted to make a blanket the same way.
    I ended up making three or four swatches – maybe index-card size. Then I collected all my partial balls of more-or-less worsted weight acrylic together and made two queen-size bedspreads and a 6-foot-long laprobe. There’s a photo of the bedspread I kept:

    It’s neat to think that others turn up in other church sales!