I can’t believe that it is sunny and cool right now. We planned to go to the zoo with Kelly and Leith today, but it was raining. The weather report called for more rain right around the time we were going to meet. Plan B was going to the Ager Center.

Now that Bella is almost three, I let her get a pass for play structure. She wasn’t really interested in it until the very end — right before we were ready to leave, of course. I didn’t think to get a picture because I was too busy checking in on her. I did get some pics of the two of them playing with Little People.

bella and leith

bella and leith

Kelly and I also had a nice visit. We didn’t play with Little People, though.

. . . . .

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One Response to fun at the ager center

  1. kely says:

    If we hadn’t been so busy catching up and chatting, maybe we could have played with the Little People! lol

    Leith and I had a great time. Hope we can all get together again soon!