granny squares

I needed a small, portable project for our trip to Kearney last weekend. In the past, my travel projects have mostly been socks. Now that my daughter is older, I prefer something that doesn’t require so many needles and won’t completely unravel if I throw it in my bag to chase her down.

granny squares

I decided it was time to try my hand at granny squares and I think they’re looking pretty good. I finished one in the car on the way out and one during the day. (That’s the president of the local BMW Car Club holding my square over a Porsche. Isn’t it great how the fiber arts bring us all together!)

granny squares

I’m planning to seam these together and make a scarf for myself. I’m really happy with the colors and the yarn is really soft.

stash: Yarn is Lion Brand Wool-Ease from a giant freecycle haul. Most of what I got that day has been given to knitting guild members to make squares for charity blankets. There were about five skeins of this colorway that I kept for myself. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the rest of it yet. Maybe matching wrist warmers?

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6 Responses to my first granny squares

  1. M* says:

    They look fantastic. Isn’t it great how versatile crochet can be. You can chuck a couple of balls of wool in a bag and a hook and off you go!

  2. M* says:

    They look fantastic! Isn’t it great how versatile crochet is. You can chuck a couple of balls of wool and a crochet hook in a bag and off you go!

  3. M* says:

    oops sorry. my computer glitched so I thought I had to redo. I obviously didn’t have to but it’s good to see that I have emphasised the point sufficiently. ; )

  4. sarah m says:

    those are really cute granny squares– I have heard those are the new thing to make. Love the yarn, too!
    Sarah m

  5. […] granny squares are perfect for fleeting moments of “me time” and I can’t believe the progress I have made! I’m going until I’m out of yarn, which will probably be two more squares. […]

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