crochet bag in progress

I’ve got a lot going on offline. I’m sewing, spray painting and taking pictures. I’m visiting with my parents and watching them visit with their granddaughter. There is always so much I want to accomplish when I have someone here to spend the day with Bella. My mind is racing with all of the possibilities.

I try to be mindful of when my creative brain goes into overload. When I start spinning my wheels, nothing gets done. One of my favorite ways to slow down is to knit, especially in the round. Its soothing, repetitive stitches need just enough focus to allow my brain to settle down and let me think. I’ve recently discovered crochet in the round has the same effect (now that I’m getting better at it, of course). Whenever my mind needs a break, I pick up the hook. I like that I can sit with my family, do something I love and refresh my creative spirit.

Do you have a favorite craft that helps you find peace? Please share!

project: Attic24 crochet bag pattern in progress

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4 Responses to crafting as meditation

  1. Joanne says:

    Knitting, every time.

  2. amy in ne says:

    KNITTING! I can knit without looking so I can also converse while knitting. I feel justified in sitting still for a few minutes if I can still be “doing something” like knitting. I also find it a great stress reliever.

  3. Jules says:

    It’s interesting that I read this post this morning. My aunt & I spent the day at the hospital yesterday with my mom who was admitted to have a ton of tests done.

    One of the nurses walked in and was amazed because all 3 of us were crocheting quietly. Mom was in her bed & the two of us were on each side of her just stitching away. It was a very comforting and warm moment that was helpful in keeping our minds off the scary tests..

  4. M* says:

    I am so with you on the crochet! I am highly addicted to it at the moment. I just love sitting down and hooking, listening to whatever else is happening in the room. If you like crocheting in rounds I am going to post an easy pattern for a child’s hat. I am hoping to post it shortly, but you never know how whether time will permit!!