puppy says cheese!

The Terrible Twos are living up to their reputation around here. I’m not sure what is worse, the sleep deprivation from an infant or the drama of a two-year-old. There is whimpering and whining over the silliest things like, “Mom, I’m stuck to the floor and I can’t get up.” or “I can’t reach my toy (that is 12 inches away from my hand).” For a short while she would collapse in a heap on the floor because her milk was too cold.

Once it starts, it feeds on itself. It is constant. It is mind bending. It makes me wonder how I muster up even more patience when I was certain I was almost out. I keep telling myself that this is a phase, just like not sleeping through the night and temper tantrums.

I also remind myself that we have reached an amazing milestone that is not a phase. The fact that I no longer have to change a diaper really helps me get through the day. That and sneaking skittles when she’s not looking.


2 Responses to it’s just a phase, right?

  1. Sarah M says:

    that is awesome she is doing so well potty training wise–we have just hit that phase here, too. As in, whining for everything, even the silliest of requests get a pouty face along wtih them?
    If it makes you feel any better, I heard the angelic stage is when they turn 3…hold on a little longer! :)! lol
    PS-That garage sale was AMAZING! got all of L’s fall/winter wardrobe & NEXT year’s summer for under $10! Along with a number of vintage/wooden toys–the lady’s prices were awesome!

  2. Joan Ostrowski says:

    Snicker. Terrible two’s……next thing you know she’ll be a (shudder) teenager. Your pictures are great – your mom and dad look just the same.