I’ve got way too many pictures for this little refashion, especially because it was just a practice project. I bought this shirt because I liked the embroidery on the front and back. You’ve gotta love fabric that comes already embellished!

t shirt toddler dress

It’s loosely based on this Simplicity for Kids pattern. I say loosely because the pattern didn’t really cooperate with the embroidery. Not only that, but the shirt was crooked! There was more pink fabric on one side than the other.

t shirt toddler dress

I used the 3T size, because that’s what Bella is mostly wearing these days. It turned out a little big.

t shirt toddler dress

I’m still trying to work on two skills: sewing knits and using my rolled hemmer foot. My seams are still a little wonky, but they are improving.

t shirt toddler dress

Here’s the awesome thing, though. When I was taking these pictures, Bella asked me what I was doing. When I told her I made her this dress, she grabbed it and said, “Thanks, Mommy! I love this dress! I love it!” Then she rolled it up in a little ball and began to hug it.

t shirt toddler dress

It wasn’t until she tried it on that I realized how big it was. She told me it was fine. I’m hoping she’ll grow into it before the end of the summer. (Please excuse the post-quiet time crazy hair.)

t shirt toddler dress

refashion: I’ve been collecting cute t-shirts to turn into dresses. This one was from a church garage sale. Most of them are from 99 cent days at Goodwill. Pattern was also from Goodwill. It goes up to size 8!

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3 Responses to wardrobe refashion: t-shirt toddler dress

  1. Barbara Bannister-Harrison says:

    I have noticed whenever i use a pattern it tends to be bigger then what is actually worn

  2. Sarah M says:

    super cute, Julie, as always!!
    Sarah M

  3. Lisa says:

    Very cute. Wishing I had a little girl to do stuff like that for. I’ll have to get things ready for my niece I guess. :)