knitting retreat

Last night I was all ready to settle down with the sock I posted yesterday when I remembered that I had homework to do! I’m going on a little knitting retreat this weekend. It’s a local retreat — only 30 minutes away — with beautiful gardens and meditation paths. I’ll have my own room and bathroom. Meals are included. Doesn’t that sound lovely? The best part, though, will be guilt-free knitting! There will even be a few classes, which explains why I had to do homework. I can’t wait!

stash: Yep, you guessed it! My swatch yarn is thrifted from goodwill. It’s part of my acrylic collection for making amigurumi.

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One Response to knitting homework

  1. amy in ne says:

    RETREAT?!? WHERE?! Didn’t know there was one close. Oh, that sounds lovely! Have a wonderful, guilt-free time!